White Hat Group is a small, mobile, confidential, and professional IT contracting business originally based in Berkeley and once serving all of California’s East Bay Area, now West Texas and roaming the Wild West.

I blog geeky projects, cool tricks, tips, and hacks to make life more phun and help people achieve their digital dreams!

Open to international travel and consulting.

Can confidentially provide concierge IT services and support to Tier 1 consumers and work with standing team SOPs with minimum lead and train time.

I’ve served the entire Bay Area confidentially since 1998 and I’d love to help you solve a computer or other technical problem!


Indeed: https://my.indeed.com/p/kiand-pd8wv4

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kian-dadras-stipp-91760030

I provide free estimates and detailed invoices with all contracts and I bill everything on a time + materials 1099 basis with deposit up front.

Contact me today for emergency or scheduled services!

kstipp(a)gowhitehat.com PGP key and dead drops avail on request


Thanks for stopping by!




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