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Iranian Hashwars

In 2023 money, information and electrical power, and the ability to compromise or secure it, can be measured by hashpower as hashrate. The global crypto mining map is the terrain of hash power.

Iran has suffered under sanctions for decades since they kicked out our puppet dictator Reza Pahlavi and under US Foreign policy we funded the Iran-Iraq War which was the longest conventional conflict of the 20th Century.

Now the poor folks of a country with the highest number of unemployed college educated people see cryptocurrency as a means to liberating themselves from arcane American policies, backwards Clerical authoritarians, and superpoverty.

Even before the murder of Mahsa Amini, Iranian miners were struggling to keep the lights on. They are being repressed by DC, Tel Aviv, and Tehran all at once, with all the fat cats expecting the poor starving Iranian to pay their bills. Iranians don’t have enough power to mine their way out of poverty, let alone keep schools and hospitals open.

Given the situation, why then aren’t Iranians with power hungry mining rigs contracting them out to run hashcat instead of crypto mining?


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