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Retropie 4.5.1 on Kali Rolling Virtual Box

Install retropie

You are going to run into error=”Unsupported OS” and the first fix is to follow this article to edit the in the scriptmodules dir.

Then you will run into another error Unable to Install Packages pyudev

And another error about python setup tools

apt-get install python-setuptools
git clone
cd pyudev
python install
run sudo /root/Retropie-Setup/

check out config and bluetooth to make sure it downloads the packages and install from menu

install the archlinux packages

if you get an error that kodi binary could not be installed run

sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kodi


Alternatives to Off-Grid Cryptomining

As cryptomining becomes more difficult and out of reach for the common person, conventional computers need new options to remain profitable to plug in.

Assuming that you already had sunken the cost of a solar system into your RV and you are producing more power than you are consuming and than you are able to store, you can utilize the surplus power to pay for additional storage and maximize investment capitalization.

Innosilicon A10 Pro+ 6GB Dec 2020 720.00 Mh/s 1300W Ethash Revenue 24H $24.51 Profit 24H ETH Ethash $21.3

With 4 x 370W PV modules and a pair of 60A charge controllers you would have a 1440W PV array for a cost of about 1200 USD.

For 24/7 battery backup and inverter 1440*24=34560. 34560/1000=34.56kW. 34560W/48V=720A battery bank. 48/12=4. 720/100=7.2. 7.2*4 = 28.8 100AH 12V AGM batteries needed. 28.8 * $180 = $5184. Plus a 2000W inverter and electrical fittings is another 400. One Innosilicon A10 is 5490. So far this rig is 1200+5184+5490=11874 Lets plug this into a solar calculator to figure out how long for ROI.

So making 6237.10 per year, thats 11874 cost / 6237.10 per year results in 1.903769380000321 years ROI.

As you can see at current rate, the cost of playing the game and the ROI is out of reach for full time income for the vehicularly housed unemployed techie.

One option to consider instead of killing yourself for uber is providing processing power to the MT5 community.