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Altcoin Mining: Race from Profit

I have been mining on my CyberpowerPC FANGBOOK EVO AFX7-400 17.3-Inch Laptop for a while, but I could never profitably mine unless I was at the coffeeshop or library.

Now that the hard fork to neoskrypt happened alot of slow to adapt miners are producing stales because they haven’t evolved beyond GUIMiner. Simply replacing “–scrypt” with “–neoscrypt” isn’t enough and for more details and a nifty download of the latest neoscrypt AMD friendly cgminer check out Crypto mining blog.

Right now I can get 102Mh/sec from the Radeon HD 8970M with the fan blowing on full blast at night with no air conditioning using latest drivers and “cgminer.exe –neoscrypt –no-submit-stale -o stratum+tcp:// -u gowhitehat.8970 -p 2149 -I 13”

I have to manually restart GPU0 (the 8970) then disable GPU1 (8650) because I haven’t finished the conf yet.

Clearly cloud mining is the next step and I really like what BetaRigs is doing.