Done with Dynavins

The most popular brand of embedded systems for the E46 series BMWs is the Dynavin. They make a WinCE 6 and an Android 2.3 version. The WinCE 5 version is discontinued, and the WinCE6 version comes with or without android on a separate partition. I’ve put together a complete Dynavin support library, with multiple versions of igo and other apps for wince and android, and I am tired of the BS. I need a universal ROM and a deployment script to figure out each system’s maximum capabilities and deploy itself to spec for the board its writing to.

The Dynavin is available from for 799, and for 990.17 not including the backup camera, 3G dongle, wifi dongle, hdtv tuner, hd radio tuner, ac relocation kit or SH. So yeah, if you want an all in one unit and dont want to develop anything or pwn your car, then just go there and blow money on that.

Not all of us bought our BMWs new, and we don’t have a small fortune to spend on a little embedded computer. Fewer of us still, like myself, are willing to pay for a computer, but will not buy one without having root, the full functionality expected or exploitable from it, and the look of OEM as well. There is now a huge market for Dynavin clones which provide similar function, although the performance and quality of the clones compared to the original Dynavin are inferior. I have a clone which came with all the extras and am still dissatisfied. However, all these units come from China and thus cannot be economically returned.

I have been through a D95 unit, and a D99+Android clone, and I am very dissatisfied. I eventually want to put together a library so a single rom can be flashed to the myriad boards which roots the box, backs up everything to sd card, unmounts sd card, loads packages, builds, and flashes the generic rom over with the self customized rom, and runs real time. These boards, embedded in these aftermarket stereo systems, can all run the same RTOS, android or not, and I will make the SD prep tool and common image available publicly, so like a liveCD, every aftermarket navigation radio can boot. From the live boot, the script will build a rom customized to the chips capabilities, rooting it, deploying busybox and botbrew, and installing whatever other packages are appropriate for the chip.

The biggest problems are canbus/ibus communication with the steering wheel and radio buttons, the uninterruptible power supply, and wiring the HDTV and Backup video into the video and HD Radio tuners into the audio. The GPS, DVD, and USB units are all onboard most of these units, but what varies most among them all is the board used and the FAKRA/canbus connection. Until all the boards are documented, the best workaround will be tapping the canbus and using one of the usb canbus adapters with linux libraries like bus pirate or stk500.


4 thoughts on “Done with Dynavins

  1. Martin

    I have a dynavin d99+ and I recently did a front park distance control install on my bmw. I would like for my front parking sensors to display when my car is in drive. Also the iPod player can use a change. Do you think this is possible. If so how can I help?

    1. gowhitehat Post author

      Are the PDC sensors OEM or aftermarket? The OEM PDC will connect to the BMW ibus and can trigger a screen change but if you used a 12V trigger wire you would have a hell of a time trying to figure out which 12V corresponds with 1st gear otherwise you would get the beeping all the time without a cutoff switch. If you wanted to mount a backup camera on the front license plate you could, and then you would wire that to the auxillary video in an switch over manually. The video overlay has a guide wire to tell you when to stop.

  2. Martin

    It is a OEM installed PDC. I also installed a PDC cutoff switch taken out of an e38. The car has been programmed with the pdc to come on by speed, by pdc switch, and when in reverse. It all works when in reverse but it doesn’t work when in drive. It will sound if obstacles are in front, but not display. If I can get the dynavin to go into reverse mode when pdc is activated that would be nicer as oppose to it being activated when car is in reverse. I have a video on YouTube explaining the problem. If you can get this working I’d be willing to build you a pdc wire harness should you decide you want pdc.

    1. gowhitehat Post author

      OK OEM PDC. You got sound! You may not need IBUS as the BMW is configurable with the USB dongle and INPA or SSS. Even then it may not be needed to reprogram anything. If you can take that +12V trigger wire for the dynavin and use a multimeter to find a wire that is +12V in first gear. That means you need alligator clip probes on your multimeter so you can shift the vehicle while the leads are attached. Pirate Bay is down now but there are some good torrent search engines still up. There’s a few updated versions of the BMW factory software out there. You can always do it manually by running +12V to a rocker switch between the line and the trigger wire.


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