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E46 embedded computing

Ok so Ive got the wincen unit in, and its a definite upgrade, but now i have the janus bezel and am going to build the system to replace the replacement system.

It will run android and backtrack, will be root, and will have the following features.

Dual core arm or atom cpu
4gb+ ram
Atheros wifi (madwifi ok)
Realtek hd audio out
Canbus reader/writer for wheel controls and other buttons
Vga out
Rca in
Gps in
Hd radio in
Hdtv in

More to come…


E46 Dynavin Replacement Contd.

So the Dynavin may not have had a bad aux video in chip anyway. I’m pleased with the wincen unit, but it was a 400mhz unit running ce 5 and this one is a 766mhz unit running android 2.3. The unit gui is generally the same as the dynavin with a few extra features. The navi gui is completely different with a locked up android 2.3 versus a locked up wince 5. More on navi later…

For one it has a built in atsc tuner, with tv mode being the default screen, not the menu screen or the radio screen, which would be slightly less irritating if we still used atsc! Topping it off, they don’t include the antenna anymore because they know that the atsc tuner feature is useless. I have an atsc-mh tuner running into the aux av in and i still get little to no reception. I’ll relocate the antenna when the rest of the job is done.

The radio has a neat auto scan feature which presets all good stations. Thats cute but I’m using the visteon hd tuner with fm modulation for radio, so i only need one preset. The right knob tunes better, but wont cycle through presets like dynavin did.

The navi is android 2.3 for telechips dev board and will run pandora and igo at the same time, but it will not run netflix smoothly due to slow render, not bandwidth.

I plan on installing microhdmi to rca, ipod to rca, and aux rca cables into glovebox with a selector switch so i can split the single aux av ins without sacrificing inputs. By doing this i can run my droid razr maxx, my girlfriend’s iphone, and any additional av input to the unit’s screen.

The usb ports are one each for the two partitions. One for the 3g dongle or wifi adapter, either/or apparently, and the ipod input goes to the ipod touch.

I also have to root the device because some region information is still cached for china and prohibits installing apks that normally work here in California.

I’ve reached out to the manufacturer and hopefully ill get the android project files and the code for the base os.

Stay tuned…