E46 Dynavin Replacement

I took the Dynavin down to Best Audio on Shattuck. They found that the video in chip was dead by running a video feed into my reverse cam input and aux video inputs. Both came up blank, so I can’t use the backup camera or iphone video with the D99 unit.

I have all the trim pieces and cables, but I am still waiting on some bits and pieces to complete the installation of the new unit. ECS sent the wrong screws with the license plate covers and I didn’t want to send them back at more expense. I’m fed up with the Dynavin now that I actually want to have a working reverse camera and iphone input, and installing the janus bezel and the xenarc touchscreen can wait, because every little feature has to be specifically addressed for a carpc.

The WinCen headunit from AliExpress.com is a perfect economy replacement in the meantime. It’s a 766Mhz ARM core, has an OEM look, bluetooth with phonebook and audio streaming, gps navigation, hd radio/cd, hd video/dvd, audio, line drivers, usb inputs, wifi, 3g, remote, touchscreen, and it runs android 2.3 and wince6 as opposed to a 433Mhz core, some weird closed source linux and wince5. With the money saved delaying the carPC indefinitely, I can get an android phone to tether my car and do business on the road. I think I might spoil her and get some LED angel eyes also.

Pics coming soon!


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