Best PSA/CRMSolution?

PSA=Professional Service Automation

CRM=Customer Relationship Management

I’ve been working in IT since 1998 at least, and I’m tired of tracking everything in excel and notepad, then checking it with quickbooks.

I’m ready to implement a PSA/CRM solution that works with the iphone, browsers, google apps like gmail and calendar, and will provide a customer and employee front end, in addition to my administrator backend.

Obviously it would be great if there was an sql/php based platform that would work with quickbooks, which could sms and email me, book appointments, store customer info, etc.

I don’t want to use connectwise or autotask but they are the dominant platforms out there right now.

SugarCRM is as close to the point as I have seen, but it’s not full featured in the form of IT and mobile dispatch capability.


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