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E46 Dynavin Replacement

I took the Dynavin down to Best Audio on Shattuck. They found that the video in chip was dead by running a video feed into my reverse cam input and aux video inputs. Both came up blank, so I can’t use the backup camera or iphone video with the D99 unit.

I have all the trim pieces and cables, but I am still waiting on some bits and pieces to complete the installation of the new unit. ECS sent the wrong screws with the license plate covers and I didn’t want to send them back at more expense. I’m fed up with the Dynavin now that I actually want to have a working reverse camera and iphone input, and installing the janus bezel and the xenarc touchscreen can wait, because every little feature has to be specifically addressed for a carpc.

The WinCen headunit from is a perfect economy replacement in the meantime. It’s a 766Mhz ARM core, has an OEM look, bluetooth with phonebook and audio streaming, gps navigation, hd radio/cd, hd video/dvd, audio, line drivers, usb inputs, wifi, 3g, remote, touchscreen, and it runs android 2.3 and wince6 as opposed to a 433Mhz core, some weird closed source linux and wince5. With the money saved delaying the carPC indefinitely, I can get an android phone to tether my car and do business on the road. I think I might spoil her and get some LED angel eyes also.

Pics coming soon!


October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

Hey folks.

I understand not all of you are citizens of the USA, let alone patriotic, but cybersecurity is an international affair, and even if the US cybersecurity month isn’t honored abroad, it’s still important to bring awareness to 21st century security practices.

Here’s some DHS guidance:

Of course, there are also the standby guides by the NSA:

If you have any questions or need someone to secure your network for you, give me a call!

Best PSA/CRMSolution?

PSA=Professional Service Automation

CRM=Customer Relationship Management

I’ve been working in IT since 1998 at least, and I’m tired of tracking everything in excel and notepad, then checking it with quickbooks.

I’m ready to implement a PSA/CRM solution that works with the iphone, browsers, google apps like gmail and calendar, and will provide a customer and employee front end, in addition to my administrator backend.

Obviously it would be great if there was an sql/php based platform that would work with quickbooks, which could sms and email me, book appointments, store customer info, etc.

I don’t want to use connectwise or autotask but they are the dominant platforms out there right now.

SugarCRM is as close to the point as I have seen, but it’s not full featured in the form of IT and mobile dispatch capability.

2003 330xi E46 type Embedded Computing

I’ve got a Dynavin which I just pulled, and I am specing out all the parts I’ll need for the Car PC upgrade. In the meantime I am getting an Android Dynavin to hold me over until I can afford everything for the car pc.

Most of this is from this thread:

Problem: My E46’s D99 Dynavin (WinCE 5) doesn’t want to process video in, so it’s become a toshiba ARM 2440 MCU experimenter board that looks like bmw parts to play with, but a car without head.

Solution:I’m going to install a carpc with the following specs on my 2003 330xi.

I ordered the E46 Xenarc bezel for the 700TSV from Janus.

Everyone, including Kenishi over there says it works with all Xenarc 7″ monitors, but I’m getting sticking with the TSV. I’m going with Xenarc over liliput for the linux support and because I like the look better.

aux headphone in

Remote start/heat:

  • 2 Channel Programmable Remote Control Momentary Switch
  • Programmable Button:
  • Function:stealth switch (all lights off, mute audio), performance switch (change timing, turn off ac, etc.)
  • 1xSilver Stainless Steel Momentary Pushbutton 16mm


  • 1xSilver Stainless Steel Momentary Pushbutton 16mm
  • Ignition Kill switch:
  • 1xBlack Latching Pushbutton Automotive Switch 16mm
  • (have to figure out where to connect)

Jump switch:

  • Function: batt 1 to batt. 2 connect/UPS(PC+Amp) to batt 2 disconnect
  • Material: 1xBlack Latching Pushbutton Automotive Switch 16mm
  • Relays

Joycon EXR Steering Wheel Control PC Interface
(can I just use rolfs ibus interface?)


  • dc-dc converter
  • Powered wrt-54g dd-wrt AP
  • Powered USB Hub
  • USB A female to motherboard header adapter
  • 15′ USB cable
  • 2.5-Foot USB Male to male cable CBL-BLK-USB-AMAM


  • Janus Designs Bezel
  • Xenarc 700TSV 7″ TFT LCD Touchscreen Monitor New 2010 Model
  • Xenarc 700 Series extra long Monitor Cable 5 Meters (16.4 feet), New Version, 26 Pin
  • VGA duplicator
  • 15″ acer monitor
  • ergonomic arm


  • Mini-Box SFX / ATX enclosure for M4-ATX
  • M4-ATX 250W Intelligent DC-DC PSU
  • M4-ATX USB Cable 3′
  • Mini-Box picoUPS-120 ATX DC micro UPS system / battery backup system for 12V automotive enviroments.
  • 12V battery for ups and jump start button



  • USB stick


  • Alfa usb wardriving kit (use with backtrack)


  • tethering via bluetooth, usb, or actual 3g/4g+sim i don’t know yet

HD Radio

  • MJS HD Radio USB PC Interface Cable
  • Visteon HD Radio Component Car Tuner Kit


  • USB stick


  • diy radio box


  • R310 2.7-inch 140 degrees Dual Lens dash board camera car dvr black box video recorder + gps logger
  • 32gb memory card

I want to run ride runner on win 7 with backtrack on vmware.

I want to have convention windows and linux operation, with the ride runner frontend.

I haven’t picked navi software but I need that.

I also need to figure out and photograph the Harman Kardon amp hookups, because the dynavin just used the fakra cable, but the carpc has to take over all that.

It’s be cool to put a roof rack with removable solar panels and storage for a bike genset, but weapons storage and a yakima box for cargo comes first after carpc.

I want to cover all the bases of the dynavin, installing android, backtrack, and any other os in vmware under win 7.

I’m particularly concerned about bluetooth phonebook, calling, tethering? and ipod support.

In the meantime, I am trying to pick the hardware carefully, so that the current linux kernel and current win update database have every driver except for things like the joycon that it will need.