Altcoin Mining: Race from Profit

I have been mining on my CyberpowerPC FANGBOOK EVO AFX7-400 17.3-Inch Laptop for a while, but I could never profitably mine unless I was at the coffeeshop or library.

Now that the hard fork to neoskrypt happened alot of slow to adapt miners are producing stales because they haven’t evolved beyond GUIMiner. Simply replacing “–scrypt” with “–neoscrypt” isn’t enough and for more details and a nifty download of the latest neoscrypt AMD friendly cgminer check out Crypto mining blog.

Right now I can get 102Mh/sec from the Radeon HD 8970M with the fan blowing on full blast at night with no air conditioning using latest drivers and “cgminer.exe –neoscrypt –no-submit-stale -o stratum+tcp:// -u gowhitehat.8970 -p 2149 -I 13″

I have to manually restart GPU0 (the 8970) then disable GPU1 (8650) because I haven’t finished the conf yet.

Clearly cloud mining is the next step and I really like what BetaRigs is doing.

Kali Linux “NetHunter” — Turn Your Android Device into Hacking Weapons


Cant wait until it works on S5!!

Originally posted on vulnerablelife:

Kali Linux nethunter hacking tool download
The developers of one of the most advance open source operating system for penetration testing, ‘KALI Linux‘ have announced yesterday the release of a new Kali project, known as NetHunter, that runs on a Google Nexus device.
Kali Linux is an open source Debian-based operating system for penetration testing and forensics, which is maintained and funded by Offensive Security, a provider of world-class information security training and penetration testing services. It comes wrapped with a collection of penetration testing and network monitoring tools used for testing of software privacy and security.
After making its influence in hacker and security circles, Kali Linux has now been published with Kali Nethunter, a version of the security suite for Android devices. The tool is a mobile distribution designed to compromise systems via USB when installed and run on an Android phone.
Kali Linux NetHunter project provides much of the power…

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Bitcoin Mining: Race to Profit

On your mark, get set, go!

You now have about 30 days to get your glory, otherwise the difficulty increment will outrun your Terraminer IV, and the electricity costs will exceed what profit it can produce with it’s now measly but once massive 2000GH/sec.

Even if you run your Terraminer IV from a 3kW biofuel genset, and you made the biofuel from free waste, you might be able to double your time, but right now with a 15c/kW price and 5999 price tage, the Terraminer IV will break even at around 21-31 days, profit for about 110-120 days, and then it actually starts losing money after about 6 years.

Link to my simulation…

Rooting Nook Color

So my auntie gave my mom a lightly used nook color running 1.4.1, and I wanted to root it and get it to run jellybean or ics so she wouldn’t have to read her ebooks on her iphone. She didn’t want all the barnes and noble BS on top of the android system, and I had to strip it.

Nook Color Forum on XDA:

This was helpful to familiarize me with different methods including autonooter, but what I really wanted was to root it, remove the drm, and install a recovery so I could keep it backed up.

I ended up using a link I can’t find and I’ll post the best one here soon.